Phangan Animal Care For Strays NEEDS YOU!!

15 Jan 2017

PACS provide sterilisation, vaccination and nursing care to stray animals who don't have anyone to pay their bills. PACS have been keeping caring for animals on Koh Phangan for over 15 years to ensure that both animals and people on the island are safe and well.

Pacs have a big project taking place in just three days time between 18th - 22nd January at Wat Pho Temple in Baan Tai. 
The objective is to neuter 300 animals in five days. To give you an idea of the scale of things, this is the amount of animals PACS would normally be able to neuter in a whole year!

If you are wondering 'why neuter the animals'? Simply, the less animals there are on the island, the easier it is to care for them. 

Two other organisations will be joining PACS - Lanta Animal Welfare and Aware from Hong Kong. They are bringing vets and supplies....


PACS are looking for: drivers, general helpers, people who are confident with animals and people who can help us persuade puppies and dogs onto the vehicles.

PACS can put you into a team and will give you all the assistance you need to be able to help out. We hope it's going to be a lot of fun. 

To get involved, go to PACS facebook page and send them a private message:

Or you can email directly to:

See the interview with Helen to find out more here: