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KP Gems with Leo - Mr Moon Hammock Lovers

23 Sep 2017

For contact: mr.moonhammock@hotmail.com

It’s been a couple of years since Phanganist had a proper catch up with Mr Moon of ‘Hammock Lovers’ in Baan Tai, read the previous story here.

We decided to take Leo with us as he and his hammocks are surely a KP Gem of the island.

As always Mr Moon greets you with a huge smile, drops everything he is doing and makes you feel welcome and at home, how could you not when surrounded by a rainbow of comfortable, hand made hammocks in Mr Moon’s humble shop.

Mr Moon has been coming to Koh Phangan and also Samui for many years, he also lived in Chiang Mai. Now aged 67 it was 35 years ago that Mr Moon first visited Phangan, he actually sailed here from Pattaya with an American couple and someone from Canada;

“It took us 10 days and we got hit by a storm!”

Back then there was no Full Moon Party and Mr Moon describes the islands as still ‘primitive’;

“On Koh Samui you could get a bungalow for 30 Baht a night, they had thatched roofs back then.

Breakfast was 10 Baht; two eggs and toast with juice. They had no electricity even in Chaweng, just a generator they had to go use to make the juice!”.

Mr Moon would stay in Baan Tai near S P Resort when he first came to visit and now he has had his Hammock Lovers shop for 10 years permanently on the island.

The hammocks are made in Phrae, North Thailand by the local people there, one of whom Mr Moon is friends with and so the cooperation began.

Why do hammocks fit so well with Koh Phangan? Well Mr Moon thinks;

“It’s for the easy life, for reading, thinking and to enjoy wisdom. It’s also cheaper, cheaper to have your coffee in the hammock than to have out somewhere!”.

Mr Moon sells a variety of hammock styles and different budget options too. There is the sitting hammock, a big one, even one for your cat! All are specially handmade from cotton and so are very comfortable.

If you wish to take a look at Mr Moon’s Hammocks then visit his shop in Baan Tai, you’re sure to hear some great stories too from this ultimate KP Gem.