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Sleep in Style: 3 Feng Shui Reasons to Stay at Phanganist Hostel

20 Dec 2016



Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese art developed over three thousand years ago which aims to bring well-being and harmony to an environment.

It’s principles are based on the Taoist idea that land or objects are filled with energy or chi.


There are five distinct elements in Feng Shui - Wood, Earth, Metal, Water and Fire - each representing different energies.


Phanganist Hostel is gorgeous…. natural bamboo’s mix with industrial greys and silvers.

The design is truly beautiful. 


The natural features are regarded by Feng Shui as belonging to the Wood Element.


Bringing us onto the first of our Feng Shui reasons to choose Phanganist Hostel for your next stay on Koh Phangan….


  1. Beautiful Bamboos & Healthy Plants - Wood Element - Said to Bring the Energy of Vibrant Health and Growth.


The presence of the Wood Element is said to foster health and growth. At Phanganist we can see natural wood wall dividers, lush plants are dotted around and sweet grassy potted plants in the lobby. It looks great and according to Feng Shui will bring benefits to all inhabitants.



Bring it on…. we need all the energy we can get for those parties!


  1. Cool Metallic Interiors -  Metal Element - said to bring the energy of calm and clarity.



Stylish, smart and modern, Phanganist hostel has metal, industrial textures with cool, grey flooring.

According to Feng Shui the element of metal is related to mental power and sharpness…..


Restore your mind back to its normal efficiency post-party! And enjoy the sleek, stylish environment.


You can simply sleep in and absorb those energies!

Or have a giggle with a beer bottle....... 


  1. Our Beautiful Pool - Water Element - Good for Relaxation and Renewal.


The water element represents purification and cleansing. Chill out and replenish at our bar right beside the pool. With ambient lighting it’s a great place to hang night or day.



Beyond this, we have great food, great staff and good vibes.

If you’re looking for somewhere to stay next time you visit Koh Phangan. Check out Phanganist Hostel. Special offers available!

Hope to see you soon!


If you would like to read more about Feng Shui. Here are a couple of websites you may like:




If you would like to book to stay with Phanganist Hostel next time you're here on Koh Phangan, go here: