Satisfy your Indian Cuisine Cravings at Aggatā Restaurant

27 Jan 2018

Aggatā is a new Indian restaurant situated in Baan Kai at Love Station Hostel. Just off from the main road you are transported to the more jungle backstreets away from the hustle and bustle.

The name Aggatā came from the ancient Pali language meaning ‘State of having the best quality and superiority’.

The project started as a decision to develop the hostel and offer more to customers. Therefore they can have a meal at the same place they are staying and fully enjoy their time, however they are open to the public of course and launch this Sunday with tastings of free food!

“It will be samples of each of our dishes in buffet style. We would like to show all guests what we are offering and are hoping to have fun and a great atmosphere”.

Aggatā is a family-style restaurant which offers vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes from authentic Indian cuisine.

The people who run Aggata are fans of Indian cuisine themselves and wanted to share how delightful this culinary tradition is.The cuisine is characterised by its sophisticated and subtle use of many spices, vegetables, grains and meats typical for any Indian menu like Chicken tikka masala, Aloo mutter paneer and egg curry etc.

Since vegetarianism is widely practiced in Indian cuisine they offer a variety of vegetarian dishes too such as Mushroom masala, Aloo jeera or vegetarian biryani.

You can expect a friendly service and delicious Indian food which is all in order to satisfy people’s hunger with flavourful dishes to make sure everyone leaves full and happy.

Moving forward, Aggata are planning to have discounted prices on certain dishes once a week and to extend the menu even more.

“Our goal is to have people come back and to have many loyalty guests”

Join them this Sunday 28th January from 7pm for a taste of wonderful Indian cuisine.