KP Gems with Leo - Jimmy's Thai Food

6 Oct 2017

Jimmy’s Thai Food is a small family-run restaurant located just past the one-way system in Baan Tai, serving all kinds of Thai cuisine including Northern, Southern and Isaan.

Phanganist took Leo down and had the pleasure of sampling some of Jimmy’s recommended dishes, including noodle soup with beef dumplings, fried rice with prawns, duck with rice and Paad Thai. The food is traditional and delicious, and the portions generous.

Sawadee Ka Jimmy, when did you come to Koh Phangan?
A long time ago, maybe 20 years now. I’m from Koh Tao but I moved to Koh Phangan to work because Koh Tao is very small and there are more opportunities here.

What did you do before you opened your restaurant?
When I first came here I had some different kinds of shops, for a while I was in Haad Rin selling Full Moon party accessories. Before we also worked in a wellness resort in Sri Thanu, my wife would cook and I would work on reception. This is our first time opening a restaurant.

Has Koh Phangan changed since you first arrived here?
Yes, it’s very different now from 20 years ago. There were not as many shops and businesses around, now there are many different businesses. There also were not main concrete roads the same as there are now. The island is a lot busier.

I’m sure the island will continue to change, there has been talk for a long time of an airport opening but I don’t know if it will happen.

What is your favourite dish to eat on your menu?
I like crispy pork, and fried rice.

Thank you for your time Jimmy! We hope you Phanganists can go visit and eat at Jimmy’s this KP Gem!