Romantic Dinner at Infinity Beach Club Restaurant Koh Phangan

4 Jul 2017

It was a Sunday evening, two days after Ms Bryo’s birthday celebrations and the perfect time to go and wind down and rekindle with her partner Christopher.

The air was cool as the sun was slowly setting in the softly lit sky and after another hot day on Koh Phangan it was a welcome breeze that welcomed them into Infinity Beach Club.

Sometimes, with the crazy fast paced lifestyle on Phangan you have to put aside some time for your loved one or friends, to make sure you can bond outside of work, play and everyday life and its struggles, remember where you are living or visiting… Paradise.

Infinity Beach Club Restaurant was designed with this in mind, a place to relax during the daytime and to dine with ease and comfort at night. With sunken tables to give you some privacy or a more formal dining room set up to its white sails and ambient music adding a soundtrack to the romantic sunset you can catch whilst enjoying a cocktail before dinner.

Our pair ordered a bloody mary each, their favourite cocktail; with or without a hangover. The staff at Infinity are wonderful, very attentive but not too in your face and they brought over the first cocktails with pleasure and politeness, and they tasted great!

It was quite difficult to decide what to eat as Infinity has a large menu consisting of snacks, sushi, fish bbq and ‘a la carte’. Ms Bryo and Mr Chris decided to order some small appetizers of calamari and mozzarella balls before they could even decide on what to have for mains.

The calamari was perfectly cooked with a crispy coating and citrus dip and the mozzarella was fragrantly garlic in taste which washed down well with their bloody marys. A nice beginning to work up an appetite and which suited them well as for sure they were in no rush at all that night.

The pair were very happy to eat their appetisers slowly, enjoying the darkness that had crept upon Infinity, its beach and ocean, listening to the evenings waves in calm whilst deciding what to eat from the menu.

Seeing as the staff at Infinity are well trained in what they do, they decided to ask for a recommendation as to what to order and once agreed that yes, they did like fish, they were steared in the direction of the bbq king prawns. You can choose from a range of fish to be cooked on the bbq, all of which are freshly sourced each day and cooked to order. They also went for the beef served with asparagus from the a la carte menu and of course ordered two more bloody marys which would become they only choice of drink for the whole night as they were so good and even made with freshly squeezed tomatoes.

The evening was going well, the pair were left alone to catch up amongst the stars and lights of Infinity, then when dinner arrived it was time to eat and enjoy!

The prawns were just amazing, succulently sprouting from their large shells, they were not scrimping with the size and it all went so well with the buttery potatoes and vegetables on the side.

The beef was cooked well and the young tender stems of asparagus added a crunch of freshness to the dish with its indulgent peppercorn sauce. The food was eaten all up with not a piece left to spare, compliments to Chef Andrey for his obvious love into the food he makes at Infinity.

The couple were having such a beautiful time at Infinity that they ordered another drink after dinner so they could sit and relax some more. The main area of the restaurant was bustling with other young couples and some groups of friends but it was not overcrowded as to deafen their date atmosphere, they were still nicely tucked away in their sunken seat with full stomachs and happiness on their faces whilst doing some stargazing and having some time to think of their wonderful future together.

Infinity Beach Club is somewhere you could stay all night, with so many different areas and places to sit and relax you can feel as if you are on your own yet with staff close on hand to fetch you a nice drink or some food.

It is perfect for romance, perfect for that paradise lovers setting, a stroll on the beach after dinner with the waves lapping at your feet as you realise again that you are in paradise, people dream of this, people day dream of places like Infinity Beach Club and Restaurant, you are in this dreamworld…

At night time Infinity Beach Club is transformed into a stylish romantic setting, away from the haze of the daytime, a place to enjoy quiet moments with friends or lovers.

Ms Bryo and Mr Chris were sad to leave their date behind and spent a while thanking the happy staff on their way out but they were re-energised and ready for the busy week ahead of them and feeling more in love after pencilling in some much needed time for each other with their dinner at Infinity.

Do it for yourselves people! Make a date with that friend you haven’t had a chance to really catch up with lately or surprise your partner with a romantic meal on the beach, Infinity Beach Club Restaurant waits for you, ready for any request you may bring...