Your Next Level Hostel at the Beautiful Infinity Beach Club on Koh Phangan!

1 Jun 2017

It’s any backpacker or traveller's dream, to find that a location such as Infinity on Koh Phangan has affordable accommodation.

But this is no ordinary hostel, this is Infinity Beach Club, one of the most glorious places on the island.

Infinity offers its guests comfort, facilities such as its grandiose swimming pool and jacuzzi with some real service.

As with other hostels on the island, guests can use the service desk to hire bikes or arrange taxis etc but also a more luxurious service from the staff whilst enjoying time at Infinity. They are polite, attentive and professional always.

Most hostels are on the main road but Infinity is right on the beach, you just cannot compare. Infinity gives you a bit more of that tropical chic style.

Infinity’s new dorm rooms puts them in the ‘hostel’ segment but as we all know, there are different kinds of hostels and Infinity is bringing a more upscale hostel vibe.

This was the idea they tell us,

‘We wanted to push the hostel category to another level and so this is what gave us the idea to make rooms’.

They have one room consisting of six beds, three rooms of eight beds and one which has eighteen. They have also installed brand new showers and sinks for the guests to use and serve great quality English, Vegetarian and a Continental breakfasts from their restaurant.

Infinity has the number one swimming pool in the area and guests can relax all day or even exercise as the pool is big enough to swim some lengths which can be hard to find.

They offer a huge range of food from the two restaurants on site including snacks, sushi plus a la carte and seafood for some really special dinners with friends or loved ones.

‘The feedback has been very positive so far, the guests are very impressed as they don’t expect it! They say it’s luxury and have never been to such a place so it’s nice that we try to take it to another level’.

Infinity Beach Club will be having warm up events for the Full Moon but have the intention to keep to their own style and bring a more classy atmosphere to them.

If you are a backpacker, tourist, traveller or just want somewhere affordable to stay on Koh Phangan then it’s a smart idea to stay with Infinity, you’ll be impressed as to what they offer you for your stay and we wish them all the best!

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