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Koh Phangan Life Guide

Life on Koh Phangan is a bit different to other places, with its beautiful surroundings, peaceful and calm atmosphere and slower pace of life, you cannot help but to enjoy island life here.

But have you ever wondered how people live their lives on the island, the local Thai’s or the expats? Phanganist is lucky enough to meet all kinds of people doing all sorts of things and we can share this amazing stuff with you all!

Culture on Koh Phangan takes many forms, most importantly is the traditional Thai aspects of course which are not too dissimilar from the rest of Thailand but also Koh Phangan has some unique culture of its own as well.

The art of Muay Thai is found all around the country and also here on Phangan. Muay Thai teaches self discipline and respect whilst keeping you extremely fit so it is popular amongst tourists as well as locals. You can read more about Muay Thai gym owners, fighters and tourists who are here to train in some of our articles, maybe it will encourage you to go!

The island is a hub for all kinds of different sports, Phangan Arena has a proper football pitch and there are beach activities, bike rides and of course diving! Phangan is close to Sail Rock, a wonderful and well known dive site and so it has become a great place to engage in some diving, whether you’re a beginner or already an expert, Koh Phangan caters to everyone who wants to immerse themselves in the underwater world.

One of the more ‘new’ cultures of Koh Phangan is of course ‘party culture’. The island is now one of the most famous party destinations in the world bringing internationally renowned djs, artists and performers to create some of the craziest, coolest parties you will ever experience, there is something for everyone as well as the famous Full Moon Party of course!

Koh Phangan is good for all kinds of music and Thai people also love a good party! You can visit the many temple festivals that happen and watch some Thai bands perform, some pretty famous ones have been known to pay here.

It’s a great place to live, Phangan is known for its coconut farms, nature and spirituality, we often write of the strange processes and changes that you may go through during your time on the island, it’s meant to even be on rose quartz crystal giving the island a special energy.

The community of Koh Phangan are close knit and care about each other whether local, expat or tourist. There are charity events for people, children and animals and we suggest you visit Phangan Animal Care or find out more about the local activities happening so you can get a real taste of the island and maybe even give something back to the perfect paradise that you’re visiting.

Talking about perfect paradise, Koh Phangan works hard to try and keep it that way so the environment of the island is a big part of culture here. We still have a way to go but there are huge clean up teams for after the Full Moon Party and reduce, reuse, recycle is being promoted more and more here which can only be a good thing.

Have a read through our articles to find out what life is like on Koh Phangan, hear from the people themselves, business owners, families living their dream and what the local community get up to on a day to day basis!