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My Healthy Me


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Homemade Deli & Healthfood Shop where we create and produce all the healthy foods and recycling spot where you can return our empty jars and bottles. Eco-friendly.

For those that don’t know, My Healthy Me was created by Sabrina around 10 years ago on Koh Phangan.

“The idea was to make homemade Jam as I couldn’t stand and still can’t, what Restaurants and Cafes were offering as 'Jam' for Breakfast”.

Coming from a family where Jam making was a pretty normal thing to do. Sabrina found that here in the tropics it wasn’t that easy.

“I exchanged a few ingredients and created a vegan Jam without any preservatives”.

Now My healthy Me Company has a wide Product range and continues to grow over the Years.  

My Healthy Me now have their Homemade Deli & Health Food Shop where they create and produce all the healthy foods. It also acts as a recycling spot where you can return the empty jars and bottles so as to be Eco-friendly.

Sabrina has a loyal army of fans of the products on the island personally as well as stocking businesses such as Bubba’s Cafe.

You will find the original Jam plus other items such as Kombucha, tahini,coconut yogurt, pesto, kefir, hemp seeds, kimchi and much more!

Help support this wonderful local talent!


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