Drink the Best and Maybe Fall in Love at Pink Panthers Bar

15 Oct 2017

Everybody knows the lively strip of bars in Thong Sala, you cant miss them in fact and they are within easy reach of most hostels and resorts that most visitors to this main part of the island will find themselves in one having a drink, getting to know the girls and quite possibly trying but failing to beat them at pool.

The strip begins just before Bangers and Mash and ends well up to the turning into central Thong Sala.

Pink Panthers is located opposite Big C Supermarket and is owned and run by couple Attila and Fai. Attila is from Hungary but has lived in Thailand for 17 years, 6 of those on the island and this is where he met Fai who is originally from Nakhon Sawan.

Pink Panthers has been running for a good 4 years and is distinguishable by its pink exterior, interior and lighting.

Attilas favourite cartoon was Pink Panther when he was a child and the pink suits the ladies happily so it made a good match.

We wanted to open a bar to enjoy time with friends and have a good place where we can be loud and drink good quality drinks for a reasonable price”.

Pink Panthers is a mix of lady bar and a normal drinking place where tourists and locals can get together with friends in a nice fun atmosphere for relaxing, drinking and maybe even falling in love.

Guests are treated to free pool, free shots, a playstation 4 and a free bbq every week!

Pink Panther only serves you good quality drinks,

When I opened I knew I would only serve good quality as I have had experiences here where I wake up with bad hangovers from bad quality drinks”.

Their ethos is to buy and drink the best, it is better to drink less but to drink good quality with a better feeling.

How do you try to stand out from all the bars in this area?
It is the nightlife area of the island, our music is unique but I think a few others are doing it too now, you can be the DJ at the bar and chose the music with video clips.

Do all the Bars get on?
Yes, everybody knows each other, we live like a family, help each other out and all the bar owners are very good friends.

Attila enjoys the fact that for ten months of the year here it is Summer, he is a divemaster and so likes to swim and dive every day.

I like the local people, local food and I am an ocean lover”.

Being curious we asked Attila how they deal with drunk people but it seems they are no problem to them,

I have to be drunk the same and it doesnt disturb too much, ha-ha!”.

So as long as youre all having fun its all good at Pink Panthers! The bar enjoys many theme nights which it offers its guests to get involved with too such as Nurses dress up which seems to be a solid favourite.

Go see Attila and Fai at Pink Panthers for a warm welcome and a great time whilst youre here on Koh Phangan. They are open everyday from 7pm to 2am.

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