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I’m confused. Can I come in to Thailand from July 1st or not?

1 Jun 2020

In basic words, for most people almost definitely no. Lifting the foreign travel ban implies that flights to the country do not start in the above categories but that those entering may encounter substantial limitations, regulations and guidance, at least in the short term.
The country has spent months working to effectively eradicate Covid19 's local expansion, and General Somsak said the following month, June, would be spent explaining and deciding the extent of restrictions to maintain that target running. Opening up to everything without quarantine does not help to accomplish this aim.

Comments about international travel being allowed again from July 1st were highly reported and circulated on social media, in many instances without sufficient meaning, rather inaccurate reports even lacking the truth that twisted what the General was really saying.

This sadly leads to significant frustration and even false optimism for thousands of tourists now stranded outside the country and being isolated from their families or unable to return to Thailand owing to the Coronavirus Covid19 and travel restrictions.

The Pattaya News spent the previous day reviewing these claims and clarifying what was really meant.
This is necessary to remember that the scenario often varies not just on a regular but even on an hourly level, sometimes in the world by the minute as things advance. This is well known to more closely observe the Covid-19 case, and to treat any communications with a grain of salt. Nevertheless, this material is up-to-date as of press time but subject to adjustment.

Is Thailand open to World Tourism on July 1? 
General Somsak or the Government of Thailand never said that on this date he will guarantee the country will be open, particularly for tourism. The exact translation is similar to the country that targets for this date to remove foreign travel restrictions but would rely considerably on both the situation with Covid-19 in Thailand as well as regionally and internationally. When the number of cases rises the date especially internally may and must alter. 

Travelling internationally? Is it precisely the same as tourism? 
No. No. This indicates that they are expected to lift the existing full and absolute prohibition on incoming foreign flights with exceptions such as Thai national repatriation, freight and medical flights. The Civil Aviation Authority of Thailand, or CAAT, is currently implementing the prohibition.

And when foreign travel, not tourism, is allowed in July based on the situation in Covid-19 who will possibly come?
The Ministry of Foreign Affairs has begun to hint at this by sending details to all international chambers of commerce on the details required for a foreigner to access the government. An specific date of this taking effect has not been issued but is scheduled for the future, and is presumably part of the July target first and on.

What are certain entry conditions submitted by the Foreign Affairs Ministry?
They claimed that one will require a government department job authorization or approval to operate. They would need to be compensated by medical benefits for Covid-19 for $100,000, a ready to travel certificate and go through a fourteen-day quarantine in Thailand, which is supported by themselves. Self-isolation would not be possible, but in the past few weeks, the Thai government has chosen and set up better alternate hotels for quarantine. It is possible that ambassadors would be permitted to join too. Any of these details would need to be shared with the nearest ambassador or consulate and taken care of. Yeah, we are well aware that these are being restricted in certain countries owing to Covid19. 

But I read, somebody said to me, this article said, my airline is selling tickets, I have a crazy and unusual exemption, I have been living in Thailand for thirty years, I might arrive from July 1st etc ...
For various factors, airlines may still offer seats, although that will not guarantee whether the flight will arrive or whether you will be required to fulfil the anticipated criteria described above. Extremely doubtful as for unique cases, but one may still refer to their nearest embassy. 

What about the wealthy, aged, schooling, wedlock, children, etc?
Unfortunately, these seem quite unlikely to be released as early as July at this stage. That might change, of course, but the focus seems to be the holders of job permits and diplomats. The government has definitely noticed the growing amount of foreigners' voices asking the government to come back in, especially those married or away from their families who usually consider Thailand a primary home. It is uncertain, though doubtful, that there would be unique exceptions. None of this would happen before first the highest target, Thai citizens being repatriated from abroad, is back. 


Why does it take so long to get back any of the Thai Nationals?
Any single Thai national has to go through a compulsory quarantine of fourteen days at a quarantine centre sponsored by a state or alternative self. In the past few weeks, the Thai government has introduced a large number of new centres and hotels, most of which is expected to get ready to start bringing later this summer in certain groups of foreigners. It is necessary to note that almost every case reported in Thailand over the past few weeks has been imported from overseas and that only a few single cases have been found here and there for weeks now in the low single digits. Like Australia or New Zealand, Thailand will not only flatten the curve but effectively eradicate the virus to zero or near to zero. 

What about the countries I've heard about on the list about hazardous epidemic zones? Was it not China and South Korea that had been removed?
This simply implies that travellers from these countries (done via visa, not where one was actually) are likely to meet specific regulations and standards that are likely to be much tougher than those mentioned above. That involves countries such as the United States, Iran, Italy and the UK. It doesn't mean that countries that aren't on the registry will join without any quarantine, regulations or limits as foreign travel opens. 


What about the visa amnesty that expires in late July, is it going to be extended? I don't want to leave, I can't afford a flight back, I'm in financial trouble, etc.
There has been no decision on this, and will possibly not be until mid-July. Anything that's been mentioned regarding this right now is just conjecture. 


What are the land frontiers? May I travel to Cambodia, and so on, if they make it and cross a land boundary to Thailand?
All border countries have different classifications in disease zones which are intended to render border checks and transfers more complicated and under tighter laws. For citizens of these border countries, such as Myanmar, steps are being made to accept foreign employees, however, you will need to be a Myanmar citizen and have a work permit and proof of jobs. The short explanation is that at the moment land boundaries are restricted to entry. 

Let's assume I will appeal to the above requirements. Is there some way to separate oneself to escape a quarantine?
Unlikely at this point and when only a single Thai national was permitted to do so. Know, the quarantine will be self-financed for outsiders. 


Everything is boring. I would just like to come and see my (insert a blank person) I love too much. How are things going to be easier?
Possibly in the middle of autumn. Many people said October but it's necessary to remember that it's all conjecture, too. If all work permit holders are back and want to return to Thailand, they will start concentrating on other categories, beginning perhaps with visas for the elite. Coming in for tourism purposes may start earlier from some countries that Thailand sees getting a low Covid-19 case number or the situation is well under control. 


I have more concerns, more complicated is my own situation ... etc
Talk to the nearest embassy or consulate if you wish. We at The Pattaya News are unable to address every request that is submitted to us but they will seek to do so on a case-by-case basis.

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