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Bars may open sooner if the number of cases remains low

26 May 2020

The Government's Center for Covid 19 Situation Administration (CCSA) reported Tuesday (May 19) that restaurants, bars, and entertainment facilities would be authorized to reopen in the coming weeks if the average numbers of new virus cases remain in a single level. 

Dr Taweesin Visanuyothin, CCSA spokesperson, said that Sunday's number of shoppers increased as low-risk and moderate-risk businesses (the listed 'white' and 'green'), reopened as second-phase constraints became simpler and a ThaiChana network for touch monitoring was implemented. He continued, on Monday, that social disparities increased. Dr Taweesin claimed that "small" companies (medium to high-risk enterprises), depending on the day to day condition, should be allowed to restart in the fourth step of relaxation. Per 14 days, the CCSA must review the case. If the one-digit rate persists, "red" firms are likely to reopen sooner, added Taweesin.

He emphasized that everybody would remain high on alert so that the low level of contamination can be sustained, which will aid the return of everyday life and raise consumer trust in "red" enterprises.

Source The Nation