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One German Citizen in the 3 New Covid Cases

22 May 2020

Three new cases of Covid-19 were identified over a 24-hour span but there were no fatalities, said on Thursday (May 21) Dr Taweesin Visanuyothin, spokesman for the Center for Covid-19 Condition Administration(CCSA) of the country.

The total number of Covid-19 patients increased to 3,037. All new cases found in Bangkok and Chonburi; two in community areas whereas one patient, who had returned from the Philippines, was in state quarantine. The first case is a Thai man, 72, who has diabetes and cancer of the lungs. He is receiving treatment in a state hospital.

He went four days earlier to get a haircut at a salon on Prachachuen Road during which his symptoms started to turn up on May 18. The second person is a 42-year-old German who stayed in Bangkok but had gone to the province of Chaiyaphum from April 30 to May 16. His relative was having a fever on May 8 but was not going to hospital. During his stay he went to a shopping mall in Chaiyaphum too. He went to check his health after returning to Bangkok, and was found to be infected on May 18. The third case is a 25-year-old female student who had returned from the Philippines. She entered the quarantine area of the state on May 13 and was found to be infected on May 19 although none of the symptoms were apparent.

Meanwhile, nine persons have completely recovered and returned home. As of May 21, the overall number of reported cases in the country stood at 3,03784 remain under care, 2,897 have been rescued and released, and 56 deaths have occurred.

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