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Border crossing shuts as new Corona virus cases found

28 May 2020

On Wednesday the Songkhla governor ordered the closure of the Padang Besar border checkpoint in Sadao district after six out of nine new coronavirus patients had returned home through this checkpoint announced by the media. 

Governor Charuwat Kliengklao signed the letter, stating that the checkpoint for sterilization would be closed starting today. 

The order hasn't said how long the checkpoint should be locked. It said Thais south of the border, though, who want to return home can enter from Sunday through the Sadao border checkpoint in the district. 

Meanwhile, the Royal Thai Embassy in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, posted information on its Facebook page, saying that, until Saturday, Malaysia also ordered the closure of its border checkpoint in Malaysia opposite Thailand's Padang Besar border control point. 

Malaysia will reopen this checkpoint on Sunday to allow the Thais to return home. The embassy said Thais who have enrolled to travel home from today via Padang Besar until Saturday do not need to re-register. 

It said returnees may use the same travel documents to get back home from Sunday through the Sadao border checkpoint. 

Source: Bangkok Post