De-Armouring Practice :: Face Yoga & Jaw-to-Shoulders Tension Release ::

10 Aug 16:00

Shakti Yoga

Under supervision of certified Face Yoga Instructor, Clinical Massage therapist, Craniosacral Biodynamic practitioner, Transpersonal Guide & hereditary healer :: (Nadiia)
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According to Dr. Robert C. Scaer, the process of completing trauma is a way of “discharging retained autonomic (nervous system) energy.”

After the traumatic experience, there is suppressed adrenaline stored in the body and the muscles are still tensed as if though the body still wants to protect itself from a possible threat. This behaviour surfaces as tension and rigidity.


Body armour was first mentioned by Wilhelm Reich back in the 1930’s, though the practice itself is as old as the shamanic tradition and has many different forms.

W. Reich described the Armour as the muscle contraction/protective reaction of the body on different experiences throughout life. Spasm of the muscles locks the energy inside, suppressing a free flow of the emotion, and gradually turns numb, blind spot area causing a lot of tension, pain and discomfort for the individual.

7 segments of the body Armour:
1) forehead & eyes;
2) mastication muscles;
3) throat, neck, shoulders;
4) chest;
5) diaphragm;
6) abdomen;
7) pelvic floor.


- *MFT (myo functional therapy) – physical therapy for the muscles of the head, neck, jaw and the muscles that surround and support the tongue + postural discrepancy (activating postural chain to bring stability to the body)
- **Dien Chan facial multireflex – acupressure techniques stimulating nerves and organs, releasing trapped energy and so the body can have the source to heal itself.

Its well to get clearly in your mind the fact that our disturbed feelings—our anger, hostility, fear, anxiety, insecurity, are caused by our own responses—not by externals.

Response means tension.
Lack of response means relaxation.

It has been proved in scientific laboratory experiments that you absolutely cannot feel angry, fearful, anxious, insecure, unsafe as long as your muscles remain perfectly relaxed.

All these things are, in essence, our own feelings.
Tension in muscles is a preparation for action—or a getting ready to respond.

Relaxation of muscles brings about mental relaxation, or a peaceful relaxed attitude.

Thus, relaxation is nature's own tranquilizer, which erects a psychic screen or umbrella between you and the disturbing stimulus.

• grinding or clenching teeth
• wake up with sore, stiff muscles around jaws
• difficulty to open mouth, eat or yawn
• sleep disorder
• fatigue, headaches, dizziness, toothaches, earaches
• saggy face skin, double chin, nasolabial folds
• facial asymmetry

Under supervision of certified Face Yoga Instructor, Clinical Massage therapist, Craniosacral Biodynamic practitioner, Transpersonal Guide & hereditary healer :: (Nadiia)
Ticket: 500 baht
please send a pm to Nadiia @faceyoganadi


:: I went into Nadiia's class thinking we might make a few funny faces and to experience something new. After one class with Nadiia I was totally sold. She is a lovely teacher who you want to be around. She is super knowledgable and demonstrates each movement one on one so we can feel how it supposed to feel. It can be painful but it has brought my awareness to how much tension I have been holding in my jaw muscles and other areas of my face. Years of tension being slowly released. Really amazing!! I am going to continue with this practice for sure. I highly recommend trying this class.

:: Doing a 4 weeks long bootcamp of face yoga with Nadiia. It's very interesting to learn about anatomy of our face and how to fight against ageing, asymmetries, saggy skin, marks, etc. Working with our muscles in the face and neck area I find this very useful. I feel amazing after every single class.

:: I attended classes as part of the Face Yoga Boot Camp and absolutely loved it! Nadi is an excellent teacher. She shares knowledge in a fun and relatable way. There was a lot of time for self practice during the class plus hands on demonstrations. This offered a good foundation of the techniques and the ability to continue practicing what we learned at home on my own. I feel a big difference in the relaxation of my face muscles after taking these classes.

:: I attend Face Yoga with Nadi, I was transported on a beautiful journey of anatomical knowledge merged with a deep understanding of the emotional and spiritual nature of what I am storing in the recesses of what I show the world and what I don't and then hold so tightly in the face. The journey of releasing this is not an easy one however Nadi has developed a system that makes this journey possible, safe, and well exciting. I had taken some face yoga classes before..but this was another level..i highly recommend everyone to try this.