3days Mantra immersion retreat - burning Karma (mental patterns)


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1 Feb 08:00

Shakti Yoga

3 – days Mantra immersion workshop

Burning the ancestral Karma

Dates: Tuesday 1st of February – Thursday 3rd of February 2022

4 hours daily (08:00-10:00 in the morning and 18:00-20:00 in the evening)

Exchange: 1.500 baht
Recording is not permitted.

In this 3-day journey to the ancient and sacred practice of Sanskrit Mantra chanting, you will explore the power of vibration and how it affects our subconscious mind. You will learn how to use the sacred instrument of Mantra, in order to change your subconscious programming and deactivate the patterns that are ruling your daily life without you being aware of them.
Fear is our inherited disease, initially triggered by the traumatic experience of birth and then being nursed in our daily lives from every little triggering incoming message around us. Fear is driving the 90% of our reactions and decisions every day. How we can deactivate and dismantle this mind-setup? We use Mantra to neutralise and transform each and every one of the components of this fear-based programming of our subconscious mind.
In the past decade, with the new quantum technology available, the deeper analysis of the Sanskrit language became possible. The conclusion was impressive: Sanskrit is essentially a programming language. Programming what? The human super-computer subconscious mind, is the answer. And this is the work we are doing through the mantra chanting meditation. We are re-programming the subconscious, to remove the self-limitation patterns that we carry from our ancestral lineage and the childhood conditioning. Healing the ancestral line of experiences, erasing the self-sabotage conditions placed in our childhood.
In this 3-day workshop you will also learn and practice how to pronounce correctly the mantra, which mantra are used for different purposes and how to incorporate Mantra in your daily life.
The program will unfold in two meetings of 2 hours daily (totally 4 hours every day) 08:00 - 10.00 in the mornings and 18:00 - 20:00 in the evenings. You will be introduced to the secrets of the Sanskrit language and also to deep practice.
My name is Satyaprem and I will be facilitating this journey of self-transformation. Mantra chanting has been the main part of my daily practice (Sadhana) for more than 15 years. After my initiation in India 8 years ago, now I introduce this powerful practice, in the sacred temple of Shakti yoga retreat center.
The energy exchange is for this experience and the new instrument that you will incorporate, is 1.500 baht. For your registration, please send a message to Satyaprem Saraswati or to Shakti yoga retreat center. To have a sample experience, you can join our mantra meditation every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday morning, 08:00 to 08:45 at Shakti yoga retreat center.
I warmly invite you to participate in this life-changing experience. Joining this workshop is an action of pure self-love. Give yourself the opportunity to re-connect with your powers.