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Emotional Intelligence


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Using the latest scientific research in neurology, psychology, and interpersonal skills, Jenny Hale B.A. (Hons), leads a fun, thought-provoking journey through the complex world of emotions and relationships.

This workshop runs for the final time this year on Tuesday's throughout the month of October.

Discover how to get immediate relief from painful or intense emotions, and how to reduce emotional stress in your life for the long term.
Part 1: What Are Emotions; What is Emotional Intelligence; Emotional First Aid
Part 2: Balancing Emotions; Increasing Resilience; Relieving Emotional Pressure

Understand the root cause of difficult emotional patterns, and learn powerful practices for creating new, easier, and more effective responses to difficult situations.
Part 1: What is Emotional Intelligence; Why Do We Have Repeating Patterns; Emotional Self-Knowledge
Part 2: Spot Your Patterns; Using Emotional Intelligence to Break Patterns; Healing Emotional Wounds

Learn the secret language of your inner guidance system, and how to make the right decision every time without confusion, stress, or doubt.
Part 1: What Are Emotions; What is Emotional Wisdom; Connecting With Your Inner Wisdom
Part 2: The Language of the Subconscious; Exploring the Emotional Landscape; Your Emotional Pathfinder

Explore the power of co-operation in emotional healing and growth – discard any outdated scripts for relationships, and develop new, supportive and uplifting relationship styles.
Part 1: What is Emotional Intelligence; Default Relationship Styles; The Emotionally Intelligent Relationship
Part 2: Emotionally Intelligent Communication; Navigating Emotional Minefields; Supporting Others Through Emotional Healing

The Emotional Intelligence Series is four one-day workshops. Each workshop is independent, and you can attend just one or two, or you can book in for the entire series.

You will learn
• How to get immediate relief from painful or intense emotion
• Specific practices to reduce emotional drama in your life
• The most effective ways to break unpleasant or unproductive
• Why “this” keeps happening, and how to rewrite the script
• How to access wisdom and guidance from your non-verbal inner
• Where we are led astray by well-meaning relationship advice
• How to create relationships that are mutually fulfilling, joyous, and
• Powerful ways to support others through their emotional growth and healing
• The keys to designing a life full of ease, joy, freedom, and

About your facilitator:

Jenny Hale has an Honors degree in Psychology, and decades of experience as a coach, trainer and mentor. She has been a lecturer in Psychology, an executive coach, a workplace trainer, a private practitioner, and a community mentor. Jenny supports people in having the relationships they really want - in business and communities, as well as family and romantic relationships. She has identified the fastest ways to break through lifelong dis-empowering patterns and achieve previously unimaginable relationship results - without doing years of therapy.


"Excellent. Beyond wildest expectations (and my expectations were already high). A lot of wow moments, a lot of practical exercises and actual "practice'/experimentation. Very open discussions and great lead of energy and flow though out the session."
~ Victoria Sept. 2019

"Finding our how little I communicate with myself and that this is an option always."
~ Luke August 2019

"It was great. It was really nice to do a workshop on the island with a solid theoretical base and the subject is exactly what I'm working on already. The meditation brought out quite something but also the theory and reflections gave me many, many insights."
~ Kim August 2019

"The exercises (although I don't like partner/group exercises) those were really useful!
~Vici August 2019

"Excellent. Jenny is a rare combination of knowledge, loving and enthusiasm. Great clear presenting and easy to follow. Realizing that it's in the practice that the work gets done."
~ Ravi August 2019

2000 Baht per Session
7000 Baht entire Series

Lunch not included but discounts for our bay side restaurant will be provided. Dress comfortably. Tea and water will be available.

Book at Loyfa Natural Resort Reception

For more info about our classes and packages visit http://loyfabetterliferetreats.com/

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