Yoga of perfect accomplishment with Ratko at Agama

21 Sep 2016

What is your name and where are you from?
My name is Ratko, I am from Serbia.

What is the name of your workshop and can you please explain the event…
Yoga of perfect accomplishment is a workshop which uses both yoga techniques and western business and personal development methodologies to help participants achieve everyday goals.

The goals can be from any area of life: health, finances, business, career, relationships, yoga and spirituality.

During this workshop we practice specific yogic techniques bringing more energy to our bodies and pushing more energy towards manifesting our goals.

We start the workshop by learning how to set goals, then each participant sets his/her goal and spends the rest of the workshop working towards achieving this goal.

We also teach western personal development methodologies such as: productivity, personal finance and few others with the aim to equip the participants with practical knowledge, skills and tools which they can use in everyday life!

What do you think an individual can gain from your workshop?
Participants will gain the following:

  • Theory about yogic techniques best suitable for achieving everyday goals

  • Yoga practice during the workshop to help bring us closer to our goals

  • Western personal development and business methodologies and tools

  • Personal mantra initiation and guidance on how to use it to achieve goals

  • Self-hypnosis as a tool for perfect accomplishment

And what uniqueness will you personally bring to this event?
My knowledge about business, start-ups and western personal development methodologies which I have gained during my 10-year career in the corporate world and later in the startup environment combined with my knowledge and practice of yoga make a unique blend of East and West taking best practices from both worlds!

How long have you been practicing Yoga?
I have been practicing yoga for 6 years, out of which 4 years with Agama yoga.

What is your area of specialty?
My interest in yoga techniques has changed over the years and as I am initiated in more advanced techniques I tend to practice those. Currently I am mostly practicing Kundalini Yoga. However, since the beginning I fell in love with the practice of a technique called Uddiyana Bandha, which is one of the key techniques we use it this workshop.

In your words, can you please describe this specific area of Yoga?
Uddiyana Bandha is a technique in yoga which works on many different levels. One key point is that we can use it to direct and focus our energy towards the area we want to improve. So instead of wasting or dispersing our energy we focus and use it to achieve a specific goal. We will be learning how to do this during the workshop.

How did you get involved with Agama and how did you end up on Koh Phangan?
I heard about Agama from a friend who was very enthusiastic about both the yoga school and Koh Phangan. So I decided to come to Koh Phangan and check it out! Already half way during level 1 in Agama I know this is it. This is what I was looking for all my life. The teachings, the practice, wisdom and this paradise island and the amazing energy it radiates. I knew this place is where the next stage of my life will unfold. So I went back home, quit my job, sold everything and moved here.

And leave us with your personal Yogi Philosophy…
Work on yourself and the rest will come

Workshop DATE: 

OCT 3-8, 2016


Free workshop Intro and Q&A session:
Wednesday 28th September at 20:00
Ganesha hall
Agama Campus