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Justine from Agama Yoga - Evolving through Tantra

20 Apr

Justine Baruch from Colorado USA is leading the Evolving through Tantra workshop at Agama and has been practising yoga and tantra since 2004.

Can you explain the event for us...

It is a Tantra workshop with two main objectives. First we want to identify the various ways we have been programed by society around our sexuality and how these unconscious beliefs and influencing our life. Then we will investigate our fears, inhibitions and the shames we carry concerning sex and relationships.

The other component is towards refining our sexuality. In Tantra, it’s very important to keep constant awareness around our sexual desire and energy. To make sure that we are in control of it and that it is not in control of us. We want to be able to turn it on and off at will and in the appropriate moment. Various rituals are the main tools that we share in this workshop for cultivating this refinement of our sexuality and using it as a path towards our spiritual awakening.

What do you think an individual can gain from this?

This is a chance for people to purify their relationships with their sexuality and thus their intimate relationships. We often use our sexuality as a means to manipulate, avoid and fill a void that lies within. All too often people are focused externally, where they want to be in focused on the internal. Therefore, we bring it back to the Self and connect with ourselves and then from that place we look to connect with a partner intimately. People will also learn the basic science behind tantric rituals and several rituals that they can take home and practice with their partner.

These rituals can bring deep and profound results in one’s spiritual evolution.

What uniqueness will you personally bring to this event?

I guide people to look within and identify what is under the surface motivating their thoughts, beliefs and actions. I create an intimate space where people can share and bond in their releases and realizations. I honor and accept the challenges and celebrations of people in their process.

What is your area of speciality?
Tantra, Relationships, Self inquiry, Psycho-spiritual work.

In your words, can you describe this specific area…
My passion and practice is how to make each moment our practice and path of awakening. I strive towards and encourage always enhancing our presence, awareness and love. Some of my practices are investigating the various beliefs that are guiding our lives and sinking deeper into ‘Who am I?”

How did you get involved with Agama?

I started with Agama in the Indian branch in 2005. I feel in love with the Agama teachings and came to Koh Phangan 6 months later after going home to make enough money to stay away again for some time.

And what is your Koh Phangan story?

I came here a wondering soul in 2006, having traveled the world for a couple of years, always looking for an adventure. I didn’t’ know if I would stay 3 months and I haven’t left for an extended period of time since I arrived on this island. I love the calmness and beauty of this island and grateful for the life I live.


Event name: Evolving Through Tantra

Event location: Agama Yoga

Event Date: 1-6 May 2017

Event webpage for booking:



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