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Rebirthing Fundamentals is a five-day course.

The days will be consecrated to three hours of theory and practice, and three hours of breathwork, with four full sessions of “dry” Rebirthing breathwork, or non-water sessions, held during the course.

Rebirthing is a powerful and uniquely effective tool of transformation.
It is a complete system in itself – the different tools/techniques are already transformative on their own. However, to attain the greatest benefits, it is highly recommended to use each tool as they complement one another and together bring extra potency to the Rebirthing process.

Participants will learn:
* The basics of Rebirthing as a system and the different elements of Rebirthing
* A solid understanding of Rebirthing as a system and breathwork
* Non-ordinary states of consciousness through breathwork
* Receiving a breathwork sessions
* An understanding of the nature of the mind, beliefs generally, and our core limiting beliefs
* How to directly access our core beliefs
* How to transform thoughts/ beliefs
* Secrets for mastering the mind and the skillful use of affirmations in practice
* Practices for spiritual purification, including the first practices with fire.

Participants can expect the following benefits:
* More awareness of one’s own thoughts
* More understanding of interpersonal dynamics
* Getting in touch with the Witness within
* Destressed, unblocked emotional energy, reversed negative
* Rejuvenation and better physical health
* Greater empathy with others and more compassion with oneself

Total Hours: 30 hours
Dates: 17-21. July
Location: Thailand, Koh Phangan
Contribution: USD 310,-



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