Organic Food - Why Eat Organic?

28 Dec 2016

If you are a member of Koh Phangan Conscious Community Facebook Page, you may have recently seen discussions among members about organic food here on the island. Whats it all about?.....

What is organic food? Why eat it?

Phanganist speak to people at Mrs Pongs Organic Fruits & Vegetables Shop and Cafe to find out more…..

Two women who really value the importance of organic food are Mrs Pong, owner of Mrs Pongs Fruit and Veg cafe and shop, and Ashera a sound healing practitioner and health coach living on Koh Phangan.

Ashera, can you define organic?

Organic is food as nature intended it.

Organic food means its from organic seed and its grown with natural, non toxic fertiliser. Its grown it in a soil which has minerals in it.

How did you discover organic food?

I love being a trouble-shooter. Im always looking for the best choice. Im always looking for solutions and to be the best I can be.

I have a nose for whats going to give me more energy. Whats gunna make me feel good?

Are you fed up of being sick? Try organic.

Your health is your wealth.

So, its about being healthy and having more energy….

Yeah, I think everyone, whether its the people going to the parties on the island or whoever are looking for a good vibe. Eating organic food is one way to get this.

Its alive!

If I ever do a pot luck, (for those who havent heard of this, its a party where every person brings a dish!) Ill always take an organic carrot and beet salad. People say how does that taste so good! Im like that is organic food!Thats how it tastes.

Even if youre just a gourmet lover of food, the enjoyment you get from your food is exponential. Especially if it comes straight out of the ground.

Okay, Im sure a lot of people will want to know, why does organic food cost more?

If you use pesticides then you dont lose as many vegetables. Sometimes with natural pesticides you can lose some. So, it builds in some safety for the farmer to cover that percentage of crops.

I seeand what is a pesticide?

A chemical thats designed to kill insects on fruits and vegetables that are growing. When ingested by humans it can have a harmful effect.


Pong who now grows all her own fruits and vegetables organically beside her home, was previously a teacher but had to leave work due to ill health.

Mrs Pong, why is organic food good?

You have good health, you dont need to go and see the doctor. You dont need to pay money to do this. Before, I never thought this. When you get sick, you change your mind.

Before I dont care, I thinkjust eat”.


Mrs Pong, what illness did you have?

Skin problems.

I felt hot as if Id been burnt. We had three people in the family have the same problem.

My sister and two brothers. We cannot fix. We try Bangkok. We try everything with medicine. We cannot stop it. They think from my blood. Theyre not sure.

I only go to hospital. In every one month two times. Private hospital cost a lot of money here. One night can be 20 or 30 thousand baht.


How did you get better?

When I start growing my organic vegetables and fruits. I grow banana and papaya and some vegetables. When I grow morning glory (water spinach) after two weeks I can eat it.

I cannot fix with medicine, for fifteen years. Now I am lot better after I eat like this. Many customers come and not believe me. I show them. The vegetables and fruits are from my garden. Or from my brothers garden in Surat Thani.

Every month go to see the doctor.. now for three years I dont take medicine.

We also spoke to Shunyo from Australia and Janosh from Switzerland.

Shunyo, why do you eat organic?

For a high vibration

Can you tell us more?

The food tastes better, its more alive. Im also trying to purify my body to be as clean as possible.

Define organic?

As nature intended

Janosh, why organic?

Because I want to be aligned with nature.


What does it mean to you to be aligned with nature?

Its like flying on a magic carpet, its not resisting.


Sound's great!

So, some different views on what organic food is and why people eat it. Though generally the theme seems to be the quest for better. Be it better health, better taste or better vibrations.

Mrs Pongs Organic Fruits and Vegetables shop and cafe is located on the middle road between Thong Sala and Sri Thanu. Try for yourselfWe would love to know your thoughts...