9 Aug 18:00

Hollystone Relax Park

⭐ Hello, Island! ⭐

What if we combine the best from two worlds and revisit things that were already existing on Koh Phangan?

What if we try to do our thing with no alcohol and drugs? But keep it funky?

We love to Dance - this is our main goal!
We want to be free in our movements and have joy together.

Hollystone is such a unique place in the middle of the island. Hundreds of people have been vibing here for the last few years...

Island is so beautiful and we want to keep all the best times for exploring and learning. We don't want to lose the sacred time of recovery and hangovers.

Let's start this journey and see how far we can go!

Let's Drink COCA COLA and DANCE!!!

- Unique Coca Cola Ceremony
- Stunning Lake and Mountain View
- Home-Made well Tuned Sound-System
- Open Fire Place
- Fresh Fruits and Water


6:00pm - Doors Open
6:30pm - Coca Cola Ceremony
7:00pm - Music Starts
10:00pm - Closing Event

We still have time after music stops, to share our experience and have a bit more time together.


Dance-floor - No talking - Only Dance.
No Mobile Phones, Photo or Video Should be Taken

The Venue - Alcohol and Drugs free Area

Be always respect-full and be yourself until it not bothers others.

It's Not Orthodox Ecstatic Dance event - Feel Free to outfit Funky!

Music By:
Tristan Gorski

➡️ Entry Fee: 300 THB
➡️ Max Capacity: 200 People
➡️ Free Entry for the First 30 people

>>> We will have fuel for any one who want to perform Fire Show outside

>>> Let's Try To Make it Together - We will not make a lot of promotion - please share with close friends only.