TANTRA ~ Portal of Light

14 Jun 11:00

Samma Karuna

TANTRA ~ Portal of Light
June 14 -16 2024
3 day workshop
at Samma Karuna
A Sacred Celebrative Transformational Workshop
June 14 -16 2024
Singles and Couples Welcome –
We would love to have you join us!

‘Tantra can transform the whole earth.
It is one of the greatest treasures that is lying there, unused.
The day, humanity uses it,
a new love will surround the earth.
The earth will become aglow with a new love.’
~ Osho

You are invited to come on a transformational journey into the mystical realm of Tantra. You will be guided through various practices, techniques and meditations that unite body, heart and spirit.
Tantra offers you a portal into mysteries that can deepen your experience of love and transport you into the realm of the sacred, allowing you to journey on your own and with a partner on a transformational path of ecstasy.
All of the meditations and techniques are honoring and open you to a deeper intimacy and communion within yourself, others and the Divine.
Awaken your true essence and infinite potential. Enter the dimension of the Sacred.

Be supported in a safe circle of men and women

Learn tantra techniques and meditations to practice alone. Healing and empowering yourself as you discover the immense source of love within yourself.

Learn partner techniques and meditations that can bring love and transformation to your relating. Merge body, heart and spirit through the sacred alchemy of Tantra.

Learn to increase your sensitivity to subtle energy, enliven your chakras and your potential for expansion and ecstasy.

Experience your true beauty, power, courage, vulnerability and passion. Release your hidden splendor.

Dance your Inner God and Goddess and Enjoy!

Support your own growth and expansion and the awakening of the Sacred Feminine and Masculine so urgently needed now in our world.

About the Facilitator:
Ma Deva Vibha has been teaching internationally in the field of Tantra since 1990. She was initiated by the Enlightened Mystic Osho in India in 1979 and lived there, immersing herself totally in the world of meditation, dance and inner transformation, for 25 years.
During those years she was also trained and certified through the Academy of Healing Arts, the Institute of Love and Consciousness, the School of Mysticism and the Meditation Academy of the Osho Multiversity with international masters of their fields.
Vibha has extensively trained in Tantra and Tantra Sacred Dance with many teachers. Most notably in the field of Tantra with Ma Ananda Sarita from Tantra Essence, where she taught for many years.
Vibha is the founder of Tantra Sacred Dance and Goddess Awakening and Tantra ~ Portal of Light.
She offers Groups, Retreats and Teacher Trainings.
Additionally she offers, Tantra Workshops, Reiki Energy Healing and Intuitive Readings. She has a University degree in Psychology (USA).
Her offerings are in support of men and women honoring themselves and each other. She holds the space for you to experience your beautiful potential and the profound transformation that is possible through the path of authentic Tantra.
Exchange – 9000 TBH

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