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Rebirthing Intensive


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Rebirthing Intensive
Breathe and open up

This workshop gives you the opportunity and safe space to dive deep within yourself. In a rebirthing journey, we use a specialised breathing technique which activates your natural healing system. This releases stored emotions from the past, detoxes your body on a deep level, transforming blockages into bliss and restores your natural flow of energy.

Rebirthing is one of most powerful self-healing techniques anyone can practice. Practicing rebirthing on a regular basis can make all the difference to how much peace and joy you can experience in your daily life.
You are led through an empowering immersive experience of inner journeying and self-understanding. In addition to the rebirthing journey, we work on deeper layers of the physical, emotional and energetic body, giving you insights into the mind-body-spirit connection.

From the workshop you take home the keys to unlock your potential and master the most powerful transformative tools you have within your human tool belt:

* Re-awaken your ability to heal from within.
* Re-wire the chords of your conditioning.
* Re-write the story of you.
* Re-birth yourself into a state of bliss and Re-generate to the power your breath

*** Daily program ***:

10:00- 12:30: Morning session:
* Active meditation/still meditation
* Talk on mind-body-spirit connection and rebirthing process
* Learning tools to unlock your potential through different breathing techniques

14:30 -17:30: Afternoon session
* Practical application and exploration of techniques. Preparation of body and mind for the
rebirthing session
* Rebirthing session

*** Facilitators ***

Art McHeart
Art's expressive teaching style ranges from creatively infused, jovially energizing flows to; Deep trauma releasing practices. Students are given the opportunity and encouraged to engage in a deep conversation with their body, opening up to the rhythms of their natural movement while embracing integrative self healing.
Art shares his practice internationally; teaching classes, leading workshops, intensive training's and spreading heart felt healing. opening up students and participants to reach their true potential and embark on an experiential journey within themselves. "When you learn to love and experience all of yourself, then you have the understanding to get to the truth of who you really are. revolutionize your practice, recondition your life

Leonie Louise
Leonie is an experienced psychologist in the clinical field and has spent many years studying traditional Chinese medicine, Breathwork, Shamanic tantra and alternative healing techniques. In 2008 she started a practice in Amsterdam together with a psychiatrist, combining regular therapy with breathing and meditation techniques. In the past few years, Leonie has been specialising more and more in the Rebirhting breathwork because of the big transformational value she saw in herself and others through this technique.
In her journey she discovered that body, mind and spirit are all one beautiful interconnected web, which can actually self-heal giving the right conditions. She works in an intuitive way and at the same time she use her background in clinical psychology in guiding the Rebirthing sessions to create a safe space for healing and transformation.

This workshop must be booked at least 1 day in advance.

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