Sacred Sound Workshop


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17 Apr 10:45

Orion Healing

In this course ,
🕉 We will learn 5 important steps to empower our voice and realise how beautiful and authentic our voice
🕉 We will carry our asana and pranayama practice to the next ashanga step : Dharana before Dhyana
🕉We will learn the power of the words and many mantras with their meaning to attract our life what we need

This course will cover:
🕉Pranayama practice:
💛We will explore powerful breathing techniques for opening up the capacity of our lungs and voice
💛We will deepen in the meridians and glandular system of our body to access the naval center to unlock the penetrating power of our spritual voice.

🕉Vocal practice:
We will practice different technics on our unique voice and activate anandamide - joy, bliss , delight- molecule in our body to increase our vibrational frequency.

🕉Mantras :
Mantra (Manas - mind and triyati - absorption) is best gross object for meditation
What you want to bring in your life: Peace, love, dharma, enlightenment... and which mantra vibrates it...We will learn many mantras with mythology and deity connection to chant mindfully

We will experience how we can use conscious repetition to alter the brain wave frequency through neuroplasticity, the molecular structure of our bodies and our very DNA

Nada means “psychic sound”.
We will dive into the ocean of outside sound and learn how to use musical instrument frequencies combining with our authentic sound to harmonise .
We will practice with different kind of instruments ..psylophone, shruti box, kalimba and ukulele..

“ The whole life in all its aspects is one single music. There all spritual attainment is to tune one’s self to the harmony of this perfect music “ Hazrat Inayat Khan

✨ April 17-18
✨ 2 days workshop
✨ 10:45am-2:45pm (8 hours)
✨ 1.000 baht
!!!Please Empty Stomach at least 2 hours 🙏for pranayama practice!!!

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