Ecstatic Kirtan! ~ Sound Ritual


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MONDAYS 19:30 - 21:00
@ Circle Shala, Orion Healing Center

Blessings Bhaktas!

Kirtan is call-and-response style collective chanting of Sanskrit mantras to expand towards infinite love with uplifting music support. Mantra is subtle sound vibration and ancient yogic technique to transcends the state of mind. Mantra is a powerful tool as it is, yet it becomes MORE powerful when we chant altogether with DEEPEST INTENTIONS. Energy flows where intention goes.

Let's connect with the heart within, without and beyond. Come together to the Sacred Space with openness so that each week we can REMEMBER why we are here, what's most important for each of us, to anchor our awareness into THE DEPTH OF HEART to live a dharmic, soul-centered embodied life with true integrity.

By simply joining each of our voice, expressions, and creativity, we come to see that there is a deeper connection within, and between each other, and beyond words and mind.

Sat Nam, Hari Om, Amen, Shalom, So it is. AUM.

Contribution: 200B

* Everyone is welcome, no experience needed, come with an open heart to experience the infinite of you! ♥


Akari's kirtan is a magical blend of ancient Sanskrit soulful mantras + uplifting drumming beats for your heart to dance and expand effortlessly. The evening of chant is weaved together with deep silence of being-ness + some Hindu mythic stories

Download Kirtan CD from here:

Akari is a dedicated yoga teacher, Kirtan leader, and multi-instrumentalist known for her inspirational style of teaching and self-expression towards healing, love, and empowerment. She holds a sacred space for the integration between body+spirit, earth+sky, form+spirit. Akari's Kirtan is magical blend of soulful voice and uplifting drumming beats woven together with divine silence and inspirational stories.
www.akaritamura.com (Official Website)
https://www.facebook.com/akariyoga/ (Official FB page)
https://akaritamura.bandcamp.com/releases (Kirtan CD)
https://soundcloud.com/akari-tamura-200648939 (more mantras and songs)
https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCw-Wy3lPlNMEUfPrXsAg0dQ (Kirtan videos)

Orion Healing
22 Apr 19:30