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Aquarian Awakening ~ Rebirthing!


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We are all rebirthing ourselves, whether we are aware of it or not. It's part of the Aquarian Age. Old ways of being are dying and new ones are being born. It happens every time a new age is dawning.

We have to see what no longer serves us so that we can do away with it. We can learn to look at all things with gratitude, even the pain. Thanking the pain for the lessons that it brings, and then bidding it farewell.

This transition into the Aquarian Age we will see so much more demand on the human brain and the nervous system than ever before. In response to these demands, humans are beginning to evolve a sensory system that allows them to LIVE as intuitive, multi-faceted beings.

These are ancient yogic practices, using specific breath meditations and techniques to help clear the subconscious and unconscious minds so that we can live an awakened and rejuvenated life!

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