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What Makes Koh Phangan a Great Place to Learn Yoga and Healing?

29 Sep

Koh Phangan is very well known these days for its Yoga Schools and other places and things to do concerning broadening your knowledge of tantra, healing, meditation, massage and other spiritual practices. What has made this small island become such a wonderful place to involve yourself in these things, is it the isolated location, the nature, beaches and pristine waters or is it the people or maybe something to do with the Full Moon like most other things.

It must be a combination of all of these.

In Yoga you need to focus on your breathing and it’s gonna be more difficult to do this in an enclosed centre in the middle of the city, of course it’s better than nothing but the draw to Koh Phangan will be the fresh sea air, it's open natural yoga shalas and rich jungle to cleanse the air you breath.

Nature is very much connected to yoga and meditation and in a way being on this island is a great shortcut to achieving a closer relation to Mother Earth and so this attracts people who open yoga schools, then the students and teachers and so on.

When you immerse yourself in a natural environment this brings the interest of natural healing, living and spending time away from the western world in a more traditional setting and way of life. You naturally want to know how to keep your mind and body healthy, to prevent the need for treatments in the future and this is why Koh Phangan is a great place to learn this. You have the opportunity to clear your mind and then learn to implement these things back into everyday life in the Western world when you’re home.

Koh Phangan is one of those islands that attracts people from all over the globe, here you will meet people from different cultures and different backgrounds, sharing an array of skills that otherwise you would have to visit individual countries to experience.

Whether it is true or not is up to you but many people feel a sense of ‘magic’ here, rumours of crystal in the island and a certain energy about the place which makes it more open for yoga and spirituality practices. A slower pace of life and time which enables you to slow down and spend some time focusing on things which are inside of you rather than outside make Koh Phangan a peaceful place which is perfect for broadening your mind.

If you are interested in trying out a yoga class or immersing yourself in some walking meditation with a buddhist monk then let us know.

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