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Tips on Saving Money to Travel to Koh Phangan Thailand and the World Beyond!

7 Jan

It’s an old myth that you have to be rich to travel the world, in the last 30 years flying with aeroplanes and flights has quickly become big business and there is now lots of competition for cheap flights making flying the norm and accessibility to foreign countries super easy and quick.

But it does still cost money which you will need to save before your trip.

As well as working hard and saving as much as you can we thought we would go into a bit more detail and come up with some more suggestions in case you may not have thought of them…

Commit to travel, make it a priority
The main thing is you must commit to making travel your number one priority, this will help put the saving tips in place.

Staying In is the new going out!
We know what it’s like, you work all week and feel like you need a release at the weekend but going out clubbing, drinking etc costs money. Come up with creative ideas for staying in.

Invite your friends over for dinner, play games or go on an adventure to discover new things. Staying in will save you a lot of money which you can put towards your travels.

Get rid of stuff
You won’t be able to concentrate with lots of stuff filling up your life, go through everything and ask yourself if it brings any value to your life. This is also a good chance to make money and sell you unwanted things or give them to charity.

Track your expenses
Start to make a plan of what’s coming in and going out. There are going to be some needed expenses such and rent/mortgage and food etc but then you can look at the optional expenses and asses whether you need them and can cut back in any way.

Change your phone and car
We can all probably get a better deal on our phones so change it now, this also applies if you have a car. Try to not use it so much, take public transport, trains, buses or walk instead. Maybe you can sell your car and gain the extra cash instead.

Change your living arrangements
If possible why not see if you can move back in with your parents for a while, they might let you stay for free or for a reduced rent. If this isn’t possible then do you have a spare space you can rent to a roommate? With an end goal to travel in sight ad committed to these are small sacrifices…

Make a money jar
Put this in clear view and every day pop your spare change in it and watch this grow!

Set up a Travel Fund Account
Make a dedicated bank account for your travel funds and you can even set up a specific amount each month or week which goes from your salary into this.

Get another side job
This is a common thing to do, the job can be anything and you could even put 100% of your earnings from this side job into your travel fund.

At the end of the day you’ll be able to have such a life changing experience by travelling that it will make this all worthwhile, basically just work your butt off and you’ll be here in no time! Good luck and we hope this helps!

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