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Forgetting what’s Normal after Backpacker Life

5 Jan

Many young people will go on their adventure of a lifetime and begin a trip around the world or around a certain continent. For here it is usually Southeast Asia and people can spend from one month, 6 months to year after year backpacking their way around to find different places and cultures to add to their life experiences.

Backpacking can be addictive, it is a great way to see places and doesn’t cost too much if you plan it right and also you are living out of a backpack, staying in dormitories and eating on the cheap. It is easy to forget what normal life back home is all about.

If you think you might find it hard to adjust to ‘normal’ life then you can make some changes so you will still get those feelings you did whilst backpacking.

One of the great things is making new friends along the way, learning to share space which teaches you about patience and communal living. When you return home you could maybe look at living in shared accommodation if you miss being around other people. The great things about living in a shared house is that you can have your own private bedroom and space but still live communally in the rest of it, creating another family so you’ll never be lonely.

You don’t have to go back to ‘normal life’ as such, just implement some of the things you have learnt whilst backpacking into your every day.

Every day is exciting when you’re backpacking, getting on a bus or train to a random destination, the adventure of actually getting there is all part of the experience. Your only plan is to have no plans and so returning to a life which is planned to the last detail can be daunting. But you never know what’s on your own doorstep. Encourage friends and family to come with you on adventures at the weekend, do the same in your home Country and go explore to continue your backpacker life!

Forgetting about ‘normal life’ whilst you are backpacking is not a bad thing, you want to immerse yourself in a different kind of experience and a new way of life, it’s the only way you will learn and grow. Be in the present moment and enjoy every second.

As already stated, what was normal to you before can all be changed if you really want it to be.

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