Chakra Yoga Retreat: Cairo

3 Jun 08:00

Pyramid Yoga

Join David Goulet this summer in June on the land of the ancient Egyptian Pyramids for the Chakras Yoga retreat that will inspire your Soul, ignite your purpose, make you feel more connected, in your power and ready to live in your highest greatness 🌟

About the Retreat
This retreat is a catalyst to transform your life from inside-out, and to bring together a powerful community. We will tap into the theoretical and the practical methods of working with the energy of the chakras.

The practices taught during the retreat can bring students to actually feel these energy wheels as the individual forces that not only govern our thoughts, emotions, glands and organs, but also create life in this world.

What you will learn
Educational in the quantum world of chakras from the view of science old and new with the practices that begin the energy moving in the body and mind
Exercises and breathing methods to wake up the chakra forces
Visual concentration techniques to awaken your inner eye
Sound formulas to vibrate and activate our sense of inner feeling
Postures and movements to ground these energies into nerve plexi and connect the flow to glands and organs
The transcendental pranayama techniques to raise consciousness beyond the mind, gaining the freedom to expand into universal consciousness in its natural blissful state 🌟

About YogaDave

David has been a yoga teacher and founder of multiple retreat centres since graduating from Ananda Ashram in 1972. He has pursued the yogic lifestyle as a healer and teacher internationally.

He studied under Dr. Swami Gitananda for two years in India, gaining a strong understanding of the Ancient Chakra System. This knowledge forms the basis of his current teachings.

David shares this invaluable knowledge through the Pyramid Yoga Centres (Thailand and Philippines), and through the multiple global retreats. These centres and retreats focus on teaching students in the ways of Chakra Yoga, but also serve as a place for patients to come for healing, utilising the science of Chakra Yoga directly.

David has been visiting Egypt since the 80's, where he researched the ancient Egyptian culture and their knowledge of the Chakra, which was present in most temples. This further affirmed the wisdom he received from Swami Gitananda.

With almost 5 decades of personal practice and exploration, David presents the science of Chakra Yoga based on an exceptionally strong foundation of experience. He has blessed the world by touching the lives of hundreds of people, bringing back their self-awareness and individual empowerment 🌟

Retreat Details

3rd - 8th June 2023
08:00 am - 05:00 pm

Soul's Sanctuary Cairo, Egypt

Retreat Schedule
-Saturday, 3 June - Evening opening circle, introduction and dinner
-Sunday, 3 June to Wednesday, 7 June - 4 full days workshop. A detailed schedule will be provided up on registration
-Thursday, 8 June - The Pyramids & museum visit

Included in the Fee
-6 nights accommodation in nearby Serviced apartments (Check-in 3 June, check-out 9 June)
-Transportation between accommodation and retreat venue
-Daily breakfast, lunch, dinner
-Morning and afternoon coffee and tea breaks between sessions
-A day visit to the Pyramids or the Grand Egyptian Museum or both

What's not Included
Transfers from/to airport

Fee for local residents in local currency (excludes accommodation & transport) - EGP26,000

This retreat is for a very limited capacity.

DM if you have any questions! 😊🙏🌟✨