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Theraputic Rebirthing


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What is Rebirthing?

Rebirthing is one of the most powerful self-healing techniques that anyone can practice. It is a breathing technique that involves connecting the inhalation with the exhalation in a gentle, relaxed rhythm. By connecting the breath, the body is flooded with fresh oxygen and prana and you can tap into the natural healing system of the body. You get the opportunity to release stored emotions from the past, detox your body on a deep level and transforming blockages into bliss and natural flow.

Doing Rebirthing breathwork on a regular basis makes all the difference to how much peace and joy you can experience in your daily life.

During the session, a safe space is created to dive deep within yourself. Working on the deeper layers of the physical, emotional and energetic body to unlock your energetic potential and activate your life force energy.

* Re-awaken your ability to heal from within.
* Re-wire the chords of your conditioning.
* Re-write the story of you.
* Re-birth yourself into a state of bliss and Re-generate to the power your breath

During the session, you will be safely guided, paying close attention to any deviations of the breath until a connective circular flow is attained. This breathing rhythm causes an energy flow throughout the body and this flow washes through any tension or blockages in the system. The subtle form of vibrational energy permeates every cell and clears out the negative charge in the cellular memory of the body - which has in store every experience a person has ever had since conception and in many cases even before.

Once you surrender to the breath breathing you, there is a shift in consciousness and you go to the next level where you may “see” something about your life. This is sometimes described as watching a movie about your life from a different perspective or simply feeling or knowing something new, becoming clear on an issue or touching the divine. Every person has a different experience and every rebirth is different, though sometimes a breather may have a recurring theme.

When You have completed the energy cycling process you are given space to integrate what they have understood for a few minutes and “recover” from the experience. By rebirthing at regular intervals we are able to maintain this loving feeling every day of our lives as well as increase our spiritual connection with the universe, creating a flow of abundance into our lives.

Price: 300 bath
Location: Pyramid
Day: Thursday
Time: 12:00 - 14:00 pm

*** Facilitator ***

Art McHeart

Art's expressive teaching style ranges from creatively infused, jovially energizing flows to; Deep trauma releasing practices. Students are given the opportunity and encouraged to engage in a deep conversation with their body, opening up to the rhythms of their natural movement while embracing integrative self healing.

Art shares his practice internationally; teaching classes, leading workshops, intensive training's and spreading heart felt healing. opening up students and participants to reach their true potential and embark on an experiential journey within themselves. "When you learn to love and experience all of yourself, then you have the understanding to get to the truth of who you really are. revolutionize your practice, recondition your life

Pyramid Yoga
24 Oct 12:00