Contact Improvisation Class @Pyramid


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Every body welcome ~ No experience needed!
Creating a safe container to explore Contact Improvisation Dance which is a free flow form of dance.

We will explore sharing weight, touch, listening, counterbalance, rolling, flying and so on. Creating movement awareness from your own center and connect to another persons center and learning the mechanics of the body in order to handle someone else's weight or to be lifted of the ground.

You do not have to have any dance or movement experience, we welcome anyone who can walk freely, so just come as you are, and it will be interesting for all levels of movers, shakers and CI-dancers.

Dance to feel alive, to celebrate, to build trust, to explore, to move freely, to gently touch, to play, with 1 dance-partner, or 2, or the whole group or just dance on your own with the magical wooden floor of Pyramid or rest in this space surrounded by jungle. All possible


Bring yourself in full authentic expression and since you will be in contact with other people and sliding on a floor, please wear clothes in which you can move freely like trousers (leggings) and a top/shirt (even for the men ;-)


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Pyramid Yoga
28 Oct 18:00