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Contact Improv JAM with Dance Flow Koh Phangan


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Feel welcome to join us to connect through improvised dance .. To feel alive, to celebrate, to build trust, to explore, to move freely, to gently touch, to play, with 1 dance-partner, or 2, or the whole group or just dance on your own. All possible ❤
We jam with carefully selected music and relax into silence ❤

200TBH entrance at the door

For all CONTACT EVENTS during the week check for the schedule!

Contact Improvisation involves the exploration of one's own body in relationship to others by using the fundamentals of sharing weight, touch, and movement awareness. By finding your own body center you can connect to another persons center. Explore with falling of balance, counterbalance, and being lifted of the floor in many ways.

It involves the art of getting to know your dance-partner past the physical point through the physicality.
Mind you CI has nothing to do with neo-tantra or sexuality … but it can be intimate and bring you closer to yourself, your dance-partner and surely promotes pure joy!

There might be (live) music to create an atmosphere or silence can be the composer of your dance.

No worries... it can be out of your comfort zone, but aren’t we here to explore, to stretch our boundaries and grow? We will create a grounded and safe space to do so together, and we are a supporting community to hold you.

You do not have to have any dance or movement experience, we welcome anyone who can walk freely, so just come as you are, and it will be interesting for all levels of movers, shakers and CI-dancers.

>>>What to bring?
Yourself in full authentic expression and since you will be in contact with other people and sliding on a floor, please do not wear too skimpy clothing, and guys please wear a shirt.

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29 Jun 19:00

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