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Art clay sculpture by Hand on Art


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Date: Saturday 16 September, 2017
Venue: Kids Mania at Royal Phuket Marina
Time : 11-12PM
Kids Mania membership 299 baht
Non Kids Mania Membership 399 baht

What we provide:
* Clay for sculpture
* All necessary tool and equipment
* The student can bring the piece home.

Art clay sculpture
The benefits of art, sculpture, art and craftsmanship.
1. Practice commitment. Do it manually.
2. Practice mindfulness and continuity until it is meditated. Frequent practice will make children accustomed to concentration.
3. Strength training of fingers and hands. Practice listening Understanding Follow the instructions.
4. Practice planning work as a waiting practice.
5. Practice imagination and creativity.
6. Practice artistic skills including color theory, proportion, shape and composition.
7. Practice your body along with gentle minds to balance your body and mind.
8. Coaching children in 1-7 to guide children to be self-centered, self-centered, focused, and intelligent.

And it recommends "clay". The finest clay on hand-on art is used as the main teaching tool to help promote the practice of hand and finger skills of children to be very well. Special features of clay together are as follows.

1. Certified by Europe and America as safe. For children from 3 years old.
2. colorful and colorful. Can be mixed in a new color.
3. Soft and gleaming Suitable for children.
4. High flexibility. Molded in various shapes and easy.
5. When molding and then leave it to dry itself at room temperature.
6. Can be reused. By rinsing the water and closing the lid. Then massage together.
7. Dry work will not crack.

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For more information,
Please contact Kids Mania Team
Tel: +66 (0) 076 360819 / 087-8860397

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