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Tacos and Nice Vibes with Kai at The Taco Shack Koh Tao

18 Jul 2016

Nestled on a quiet corner of Mae Haad on Koh Tao you will find Taco Shack Hostel, a true backpackers hostel which is social yet with not too much partying.

Phanganist went to meet Kai, originally from America, to find out more…

So Kai, how come you find yourself on Koh Tao?
Truthfully, I don’t know where else to go. I have been everywhere and just got stuck here.

Why name it Taco Shack?
Because we serve tacos and also when we were first here it was more of a shack of about six or seven people so hence the name!

Why tacos in particular?
Actually at first it was meant to be burgers but the tacos got sold more so we ran with this, it was the customers.

And what’s the concept and feel of the place?
It is based on necessity, for example, as we couldn’t really afford to paint the place we let customers write and draw on the walls so they leave a mark, we are just a small business.

We were a backpackers first and then the restaurant came.

What’s special for you about Koh Tao?
I like the size, it’s easy, small and has a cozy vibe compared to other islands.

It is more undeveloped and the simplicity of it grew on me.

And your life philosophy?
Try to be the best I can be.

As we were speaking to Kai there were many travellers arriving and checking in to Taco Shack which may show something about the nice vibe there already.

There’s a nice chilling garden area with tables to eat if you wish and the staff are friendly.

They also have a pool table and as Kai said, with the traces of past travellers left on the walls you get the feel that this is a quirky backpackers place to rest.