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Banyan Bar's 6th (and maybe last!) Anniversary!


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Somehow the bar and the majority of it's clientele are still standing after another year so it's time for another party to get everyone legless. We've got a few tricks up our sleeve this year so we're guaranteeing more looseness of Banyan proportions, for possibly our last ever Anniversary!

Some treats for the evening include live music featuring the local talent of Koh Tao producing a medley of music for your delight! A full plate of Mexican Choripan (chorizo sausages) with Mexican style street corn and seasoned chip all for 60B! Of course there will also be two bars set up to make sure you all get drunk fast enough!

Several bands and DJ's will be providing the live music. They'll be starting from about 2:00pm all the way through to close (whenever that may be).

80b Tight Bastards, 100b Toffee Shots, 140 Joss (if it arrives!)

ALL House Spirits
10:00-14:00 - 60B
14:00-17:00 - 80B
after 17:00 - 100B

80B - Toffee Vodka Shots before Noon!

23 May 05:05

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