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Tattoist and Artist Dmitry being inspired on Koh Samui

3 Dec 2015

What is your Koh Samui Story?

I came to rest in Thailand, Koh Samui and found that I was comfortable here, I had been in many countries, Thailand I like the most.

How did you get into Tattooing?

I started tattooing in the Army in 2001, after the army I began to do it professionally.
But my first experience was on myself when I was eleven years old.

What is your style and inspiration?

I do all tattoo styles, I am sympathetic to all directions. Inspired by nature, sky, parasailing, aerobatics, aviation in general, diving, sports and women.

We have seen your body painting, how did you get into this?

I draw lots of different paintings, airbrush, on walls, body painting which combines complex forms and drawing and the more pretty girls the better.

Do you bodypaint for events?

I like to do body painting for events, it emits a lot of good energy, people like the process and the result.

Why do you think tattoos are so popular in Thailand?

Tattoos are popular in Thailand because it is always summer, and there is a lot of creative people, especially on Phangan.

What are your current and future projects?

I have a tattoo studio on Samui but I also want to do a body painting show, painting, to go to tattoo conventions and continue my creativity.

Do you ever come to Koh Phangan and what do you think about it?

I like to come to Phangan as it is an interesting, creative island with many good people.

Why is Samui special to you?

I have lived here for four years now and I am comfortable here, but I think Samui and Phangan are one.

What would you say to aspiring tattooists?

To beginner tattooists I want to say that now you do not need to learn from your mistakes, you can learn from the masters directly.