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Community Clinic for Women Koh Phangan

Community Clinic for Conscious Women, Koh Phangan
Do you think you can help her?
Do you know a woman in need of support? 
Do you know a young girl suffering from cramps,
a woman with prolapsed pelvic floor,
a mother in need of lactation support? 
She might have gone through a traumatic birth or sexual abuse. Maybe she has no money for private care, 
maybe she needs a tribe, 
maybe she is about to give birth and has questions and there is no place where she can ask them. 
Maybe she could use a place where she can come and just be heard, just cry, just relax.

Please share this info with her.

New on the island, The Koh Phangan Women's Community Clinic, starting this coming Saturday in Gaia:
- Midwifery care
- Lactation consultation
- "closing the bones" – a Post Partum Healing Ceremony
- Pelvic floor physiotherapy
- Massage
- Women's cycle – Conscious Menstruation Method
- Women's circle 
- and the opportunity to be around other conscious wise women.

By donation, meaning you give what you can to help us keep on going so we are able to keep on giving.
We'll be in Gaia between 9am to 12pm. We are Lihi - a midwife and Holistic Gynecology therapist and Zohar – a doula and facilitator of Women's Conscious Cycle and Childbirth Education

Gaia Yogashala
3 Jun 09:00

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