Nidra Meditation from Loyfa BetterLife

17 Aug 2019

Our Nidra meditation sessions offer the opportunity to experience a deep, guided meditationTranslated as the yoga of sleep this is an approach that can be accessed by anyoneAs the individual lets go of outside distractions they are gently and expertly guided into deeper levels of consciousnessThis practice provides tremendous, scientifically proven benefits for the body, mind and brain. Research supports Nidra meditation as beneficial in stress reduction, anxiety and sleep disorders as well as enhanced memory and improved brain functioning.

In Nidra meditation you are expertly guided to feel and to relax the body; to focus on certain aspects, sensation and breath.   Students lie on yoga mats, using cushions to make the body comfortable as possible

Bolsters can be used under the knees to help the person lay in stillness for an extended period of time. It is guaranteed you will feel relaxedThe trick is to not go to sleep!

The subconscious governs nearly 95% of our habits, patterns and behaviorAs we go into this deep state of relaxation, our brain goes into theta brain wave patternsIn Nidra we dont go to sleep and so we also maintain some alpha brain waves, which define more conscious statesBy combining these two states we are able to tap into our subconscious patterningThis is an incredible tool for recognizing and changing patterns.  

In this state we can if we choosework with an intention and begin to create a neural pathway for it to grow within our nervous systemIntentions can be as simple asI embrace life with joy”.

Or if you prefer, one can simply enjoy the state of yogic sleep!