Pranayama & Didgeridoo


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17 Jan 15:30

Pyramid Yoga

This series of classes will have the fundamental of conscious breathing techniques.

Awareness of the inhalation and exhalation follow by holding the inner breath and outer breath. The sequence to be follow is up to 3 to 5 OMM breathing in, follow by 4 to 8 OMM breathing out, also equalising the inhalation and exhalation.

Conscious breathing allow us to drop into a state of full presence where the mind can relax so we can connect deeper with the inner Self. The deeper we allow ourselves to go, the profound practices we'll experience including other breathing techniques like; Kapalabhati, Bramhari, Nadi Sodhana..!

Pablo will play the didgeridoo to help attendants to vibrate all at the same vibration, getting more healing benefits. The Didgeridoo is an Australian Aboriginal wind instrument in the form of a long wooden tube, traditionally made from a hollow branch, which is blown to produce a deep, resonant sound, varied by rhythmic accents of timbre and volume.

The vibration might help the person receiving the healing to go through the process of releasing negative energy caused by ant type of event or dramatic situation.

Fee: 250thb

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