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Cacao & Sound Ceremony at Sound Temple


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Sound is the primordial source of all manifestation. In this Sound Activation Portal, we gather in ceremonial circle to open our hearts and voices through exploration of the sonic sphere and the chakra system. Through the creation of vibration we can access the infinite potential of Spirit. With tones and frequencies made with our voices we unlock vibrational keys held deep in our beings. This is a safe, powerful and fun container to explore freedom of voice and expression, allowing the inner and outer sounds to harmonize into a tangible field of collective healing.

Cacao is a powerful heart-opener, increasing blood flow significantly with a ceremonial dose. It’s gentle, supportive energy allows people to expand and experience heightened states. It will add a delicious, rich, heart-opening buzz to our gathering. As we let the cacao do its work we will get in deeper touch with ourselves and each other through the power of chakra toning and free sound expression. You don't need any experience in singing, meditation or in any practice. Just show up and be open to listen deeply.

Fee: 300thb

Pyramid Yoga
16 Jan 15:30

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