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Yoga beats Project is a unique healing therapy that through Yoga, Ecstatic Dance, Contact Dance, Movement, Breath Work, Music and much more...

It is an authentic practice that allow participants generate consciousness and awareness of themselves and others around them, a truly magical loving experience.

Yoga beats Project Movement is a new concept where unique connections collide creating a magical and unforgettable experience.

Pablo creates a space where participants will feel safe and free able to express themselves. The music is one of the tools used to create the perfect space, the music changes people's mood and can magically change you whole world perception, listen to different types of sound we are able to heal ourselves from stress, anxiety, lack of confident and anything relate to a psychological issue.

A magical experience not to be missed, feel happy and connected to yourself and others.!

The benefits of practicing Yoga beats Project are:

Feeling good
Self confidence
Increase energy levels
Increase of fitness
Increase sense of compassion and kindness towards your self and others.

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15 Jan 10:30

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