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Shamanic Chakra Dance: an Electronic Sound Journey


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Welcome to a brand new dance concept on Koh Phangan

A powerful combination of a 30 minutes Ananda Mandala breath of fire chakra opening excercise (guided by rythmic music) followed by an electronic music dance journey with live mantra vocals which will heal your chakras even more because of the powerful sound vibration of mantras.


18:45 | arrival
19:00 | start Ananda Mandala breath of fire excercise
19:30 | shavasana and water + fruit
19:45 | shamanic chakra dance, ethnic house music with live shamanic sanskrit mantra vocals and native prayers

Fee: 250thb

PURPOSE / AFTER EFFECTS: This event is a healing tool which can help people to stimulate and balance their chakras and clear blocks. It has an instant effect physical: reduces for example addictive impulses, strengths nervous system, boosts immune system and will attract more grounding, creativity and sensuality, self love and love, a clear communication, intuition and vision and a higher consciousness.

It is not adviced to enter this dance when you:
- are pregnant
- suffer from vertigo, heart problems, high blood pressure, epilepsy or a stroke
- if you have acid or heat related gastric issues such as ulcers

Lotus Imane is a DJ and live vocalist from Ibiza, known by her unique combination of Sanskrit and Native American mantras on top of conscious electronic beats, performing in Europe and Koh Phangan. Her mission is to trigger and touch people with healing techniques through her music performances, events and being.

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15 Jan 19:00

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