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Base of contact Improvisation workshop with Sasha and Dolores


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15-17 January, Koh Phangan
Base of contact improvisation - workshop with Sasha Dodo (RU) and Dolores Dewhurst - Marks (UK)

Each day 11:00-15:00 at Pyramid Yoga Centre

Contact improvisation can be an un-expectable and playful environment where perception of body and space shifts all the time, where all knowledge about what is going on can become poetic.

To enter such a unstable environment we need to have a lot of stability and base, meaning technics of self-organization while supporting the weight of the others in the moments of spiraling, flying, falling, rolling and also plasticity of consciousness.

In this workshop we will focus our attention to the fundamental principles of contact improvisation. Practicing sharing weight, touch and movement awareness gives us base support to be ready for anything that might arrive in improvisation.

We look to discover and find support from the mutual flow of movement. Learning through play all the time; how to use what we already have in a most productive, perfect and beautiful way.

Learning how to recognize opportunities that moment presents to us and how to be soft and strong at the same time, how to be ready for any transformations, changings and surprises that happen in a contact improvisation dance.

Workshop is open for beginners as well as experienced movers - dancers.

Taking care of one's own safety and enjoy the process is how we care for the common space.

Take with you:
Note and a pen, comfortable clothes covering elbows and knees, snack and water.

About Sasha and Dolores:
Sasha Dodo (RU) and Dolores Dewhurst-Marks (UK) - Independent artists involved in the organization of an alternative environment for the education and production of art; engaged in poetry, experimental theatre, dance improvisation and film. Inspired by Contact Improvisation, Japanese Butoh Dance, Sufi Whirling and Body-Mind Centering. They organise festivals, retreats and workshops, create poetic films and performances, and teach dance improvisation around the world.

For registration, price and more information contact us:
Sasha Dødø and Dolores Dewhurst Marks


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