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Master class workshops in Qigong, Hermetics & Akashic Guidance


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Monday 14th only, by donation! Workshops thereafter 350bht drop-in.
Master classes using rapid transformational techniques derived from all three technologies to clear our space and align with our highest frequencies. Create your dream and live it.
No previous experience necessary. All levels welcome. Each class covers a different theme.

Hermetics equips you with solid and full foundations to all energy work. It cleanses and strengthens the physical, astral and mental energy which is connected to Akasha/source energy and it’s from here that we manifest and create.

Qigong detoxes, harmonises and strengthens energy, giving you power, direction and clear vision. It strengthens Divine grounding, magnetism, expression, attraction and both realisation and actualisation of higher vibrations and full potential.

Akashic guidance aligns you with the technology of the Soul and harnesses your creative energy and intention so that you can shape it into its highest potential of Divine Mastery.

We start with Hermetics and then bring in elements of Qigong which we use to charge the Akashic experience. Each week a different topic is explored. How deep or high you go is your choice.

Each workshop is unique and focuses on a different area. Workshops can be taken individually as a drop in or brought in bundles if you would prefer to work through a variety of areas.

Week 1. Transform the DNA and let your Soul shine
Clearing the DNA from inherited ancestral karma from family, friends and life experience that doesn’t belong to you or serve your greatest good

Releasing self created negative thought forms, emotional build-up and heavy energy to Source

Sewing the seeds of your highest aspirations and e-programming the DNA with unlimited potential, creating a Masterful ‘space’ for your Soul to shine!
This is a course in Transformation.

Each class covers a different topic and unique approach. Every class is designed to take you to your greatest power and deepest love.

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