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Warlock's Fire at Pyramid 2


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Ilya is inviting you to his class "Warlock`s fire"!
For more than 12 years Ilya studied theater, and another 5 years he is devoted to the study of flow arts.

The last 4 years, as a street artist, Ilya explored the space between the Canaries and Bali, studied people and their traditions.
During the travels and repeated performances, he realized the importance of managing attention, both in the technique of movement and in communication with the audience. For him, attention will be the central theme of the classes.

"We will consciously learn to pinch our attention and with the help of poi, we will study the sacred geometry of the human body. The universal laws of motion are the rules of the game in Flow arts.
I will give you a bit of theory and practice about the endless 360 degree rotation with any flower or element. We will decompose the basic directions and styles of torsion poi. Be sure to learn the C grade unique bundles".

A separate topic will be the science of the show. On the stage you need to be able to attract and hold the viewer's attention.
Ilya be happy to share the principles learned at the department of mass holidays.

Another skill he would like to share with you is handling fire. "Here I am talking with you not about the safety technique, but about the sacral, about the comprehension of the elements. Powerful tool that is transferred to your hands. At the end of each lesson we will try to turn the fire. Without delaying you, you can consolidate your new knowledge".

Fee: 500thb

Pyramid Yoga
13 Jan 16:00

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