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Join Us For Alchemy of Sound - A sacred Sound Journey invoking the elements

A blend of worldly earthy medicine music. Devotional and sacred honoring spirit. Invoking icaros , tribal call and response, rainbow songs, and healing mantras. Elevating your spirit and purifying your soul. Harmonizing our vocals and synchronizing our breathe.

This is an interactive Journey. You are invited to sing , dance and creatively express with us in whatever way feels most natural to you. You are also welcome to just enjoy and receive.

Enjoy a collective ecstatic journey taking you into a deep state of trance. A great honor to share with you. Sat Nam

About Your Facilitators :

Dominique Zuniga

A mutli-instrumentalist, artist , and vocalist. A mystic devoted to spirit and the wellness of our tribe. Women’s empowerment and Sound Alchemy Facilitator. Vocally opera trained singer. Based in koh Phangan , Thailand originally from California.
Zemsway.ofearth (ig)

Anton Kravchenko
A yogi and multi-instrumentalist. Playing a variety of worldly instruments such as santur, Rav Vast, didgeridoo, and percussion. Originally from St. Petersburg, Russia based throughout India for 5 years. He spent some time in Gokarna collectively bringing the ashram “Shree Shree Ganesh” to life where he studied most of his teachings . Now honored to share with you his practices.

Hernán Suárez
Argentinian multi-instrumentalist sound explorer. He is self-taught and has combined influences from different parts of the world. Creating a musical journey telling a story with each instrument.
Playing a variety of ethnic instruments such as the following.

Kamale Ngoni (West African Harp),
Native American Flutes
Kalimba (Africa)
Calabash (African percussion)
Pantam (aka Hang or Handpan).

Fee: 200thb

Pyramid Yoga
13 Jan 19:00

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