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@ Jaran's yoga-wellness-eatery
Every WEDNESDAY 6.00 - 9.00pm


Welcome to the famous Jaran's Ecstatic Dance on Wednesdays.

Yulia and Tristan will be holding space for you to dance, explore and connect at this beautiful venue in the jungle ! They will be joined by DJ Avani aka (Tyler Blank) Resident DJ from Ecstatic Dance Oakland, one of the founding fathers of Ecstatic Dance !

DJ Avani aka (Tyler Blank) sees each Ecstatic Dance as a Journey through Human Life. We Begin (Life & Dance) with Ambient Nothingness out of which our Dreams are Created. Our Intention (Conception) Manifests as we enter into Physicality, and we are Born with the first Beat. The Sweet Tenderness of Infancy grows into the Playfulness, Sexuality, and Exploration of Youth. Intensity of Life (& Music) grow further as we go through our Adulthood, Monotony of a Job (house beat? Ha!), and Mid-Life Crisis (Chaos). We may have Time for a Second Childhood, or we Wind Down through the Reminiscence of our Youth (pop remixes) and Wisdom of Old Age as we eventually find Peace, Stillness, and Integration of the Dance (Life), into Death, and Beyond.

Tyler (Avani) first started "DJing" by making mix tapes as a youngster, weaving in messages through song lyrics to convey the desired meaning and emotion through each side of the tape. He delights in sharing New Music, and he collects Songs from every Genre, Tempo, Emotion, and Intensity. Avani's Music is Crafted for a Journey into Conscious Movement, Connecting with Self and Other, as both as a Wild & Playful Celebration, and as Healing Shamanic Experience & Therapy.

He now plays (DJs) at Ecstatic Dances around the world, and is the Founder of Ecstatic Dance San Francisco, and the Co-Founder of Ecstatic Dance Oakland, Fairfax, & The Ecstatic Dance Retreat in Hawaii. He is also the Director of the Ecstatic Dance Community Non-Profit, helping people start their own Dances around the World.

More about Ecstatic Dance can be found at:
More about Tyler at:

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@ Jarans's yoga -wellness - eatery ~
~ Doors Open / Warm-up Dance (Dancing Begins): 6.00 pm
~ Opening Circle / Dance: 6.30 - 9.00pm ~
~ Price - 200 THB (on the door)

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Ecstatic Dance Location:

Jarans's, Yoga - Health - Eatary - Koh Phangan°44'37.4%22N+99°59'45.7%22E/@9.7437293,99.9938283,17z/data=!3m1!4b1!4m5!3m4!1s0x0:0x0!8m2!3d9.743724!4d99.996017?hl=en

~ ~ Ecstatic Dance Guidelines ~ ~

The following guidelines are typical of those followed at hundreds of conscious dances around the world, having been developed through community discussions and agreement over decades.

- Be clean. Please arrive fresh with a clean body and clothes, as some of us are sensitive to any scented products (including essential oils) or strong body odors.

- Be clear-minded. We dance free of alcohol and illegal drugs.

- Leave your shoes and smartphones off the dance floor.

~ ~ Holding a Safe and Sacred Space ~ ~

- Dance and move however you feel it. There's no right or wrong way to be ecstatic!

- Be curious, open, and accepting. Please suspend judgements of self or other.

- Refrain from talking on the dance floor.

- Move with care and awareness through the space. Help us avoid collisions on the dance floor.

- Be mindful of others’ personal boundaries. Ecstatic Dance is very contact-friendly, but we all have different levels of comfort when it comes to being approached and touched. Do not give unwelcome attention to others.

- No taking pictures or video. Photography tends to take people out of their deep experience and is a breach of privacy.

Ecstatic Dance Koh Phangan
14 Feb 18:00

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