AUM day in AUM. Jam around fire, chanting AUM

11 Aug 18:00

AUM Sound Healing Center

The idea of AUM day is to gather as many people as possible to chant all together sacred vibration of AUM.

we start chanting AUM around 9pm and this time lets have a full power jam around the fire before🔥

11.08 Baba Rebelution on the back of myousic jam and Marcelo Lepe on handsonic with friends 🌞

special sauna and dijereedoo sound healing inside.

program for the day:

9am Kundalini yoga/Gong meditation kriya for Balance (Anton)

11am Somatic Thai bodywork

6.30 sauna/icebath, jam around fire, raw myousic
9pm AUM chanting
9.30pm sound journey / Gongs

with repost 200 only